Book Birthday Bash: Miranda and Maude: Recess Rebels

Book Birthday Bash


Miranda and Maude: Recess RebelsHappy Book Birthday to MIRANDA AND MAUDE: RECESS REBELS!

In the third book in the Miranda and Maude chapter book series, the girls and boys of 3B aren’t getting along. It starts with a game of tag and ends with a tug of war. In between, there are sneak attacks, a girls-only newspaper, a doughnut filled with cheese, and one stolen Frizzle chicken. Maude gets lots of opportunities to protest, but in the end, it’s Miranda who learns to stand up for what she believes in.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for MIRANDA AND MAUDE: RECESS REBELS. Join in the fun…


At the Mountain River Valley Elementary School playground during recess.


Mostly recorders and one rusy harmonica.


Cheese and doughnuts, but no cheese doughnuts!


Tag! Soccer! Swinging! Tug of war!


Referee whistles and Miranda and Maude stickers

MIRANDA AND MAUDE: RECESS REBELS is written by Emma Wunsch and published by Amulet. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Emma Wunsch

Emma Wunsch

On a scale of 1-10, Emma is about a 6.5 on her enjoyment of hardboiled eggs.  She is an 11 about the awesomeness of chickens. Unfortunately, she doesn’t own any. Yet. Emma lives in New Hampshire along with her husband, two daughters, and dog Ruby.

Emma got the idea for Miranda and Maude when she was trying to get her then-three old to brush her teeth. Since the three-year old LOVED princesses, but didn’t love brushing her teeth, Emma made up a story about a princess named Miranda Rose who LOVED pink and lived in an enormous castle. To Emma’s amazement, her daughter brushed her teeth and got into bed! Emma told Princess Miranda stories for about a week, but then Emma got bored. Even stories that are simply a way to get a child to brush her teeth need plot! So, Emma told her daughter about a girl named Maude who lived close to Miranda’s castle. But unlike Miranda, Maude HATED pink and really liked. . . HARDBOILED eggs.

After several years of telling her two daughters Miranda and Maude stories, Emma thought she’d write  it down. The rest, as they say, is history. Well, actually it’s a book! Or three! And hopefully you like the Miranda and Maude books even more than you like hardboiled eggs! Find her on her website, Twitter @emmawunsch and Facebook.

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