Book Birthday Bash: The Secret Notebook

Book Birthday Bash


The Secret Notebook by D.A. D'AurelioHappy Book Birthday to THE SECRET NOTEBOOK!

In this middle-grade novel, Riley Green is certain her lie detector pen will win this year’s Invention Convention, but her plan collapses when her invention idea is stolen, her teacher goes missing and she find the lost notebook of Nikola Tesla. Now Riley and her friends must protect the notebook from thieves who want to steal it for the earth-shattering invention inside. It’s a STEM story with a little history and a lot of mystery.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for THE SECRET NOTEBOOK. Join in the fun…


The party is in the school auditorium after Riley wins the Invention Convention. Woohoo!!!


The themes from James Bond and Mission Impossible and “Victorious” by Panic at the Disco are playing.


Any food in the shape of balls like these easy brownie pops by


Catch the gumballs from Henry’s Smasher Blaster and Simulated Spy Missions.


Party favors include little personal notebooks for you to keep your secret inventions.

THE SECRET NOTEBOOK is written by D.A. D’Aurelio and published by Capstone Editions. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

D.A. D'Aurelio

D.A. D’Aurelio

D.A. D’Aurelio grew up in Ocala, FL, which is known for its thoroughbred horses and lovebug season that comes twice a year. D.A. has lived in five states along three coasts and enjoys finding our how people choose to work, live and play. D.A. draws on these experiences and combines fact with fiction in her middle-grade stories. You can learn more about her at and visit her on Twitter @dadaurelio.

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