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Inspiration and business

In case you haven’t seen it, J.K. Rowling’s speech to the graduating class at Harvard is quite inspiring. You can find it here. Her messages: We can learn from failure, and imagination helps us not only to write, but to make a difference.   The second is about her time working at Amnesty International. Her stories…
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In today’s Writer’s Market enewsletter, readers talked about how well — or not — they are keeping up with their 2008 goals, and one reader offered up what I think is a pretty good idea. (Click here to see the web version of the enewsletter.) Thank you Dawn Herring for her idea of setting up…
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Keeping time

A wonky hose ate into my writing time this morning. I had to water the garden before the sun came up too high (want to avoid as much evaporation as possible) and it took longer than it should because the new hose we bought wouldn’t accept the sprinkler. But I had gotten up earlier than…
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