Book Birthday Bash: Motley Education: The Urd Saga Book I

Book Birthday Bash


Motley Education by S.A. LarsenHappy Book Birthday to MOTLEY EDUCATION: THE URD SAGA BOOK I!

In this middle grade novel, apprentice medium Ebony Charmed dreads her acceptance into Motley Junior High: School for the Psychically and Celestially Gifted. Generations of her family have attended, so she should be thrilled. And she would be, if only her lame abilities let her see more than three ghosts. It’s caused so much tension between her parents that her father moved out of the house.

When Deadly Creatures and Relics projects are handed out, and Ebony receives a measly stick to transform, she knows she’s destined to fail. Luckily, an unexpected challenge from her class nemesis ignites her with courage to reunite her family. Only the harder she tries, the more goes wrong until her project vanishes.

But there are doors to other worlds with creatures that have been watching her, leaving traces that her project is more than a stick. Along with her best friend Fleishman and his pet lizard, Ebony must elude Motley’s ornery headmistress and brave beasts of Norse mythology to uncover the mystery of her stick. Oh, and save the entire spirit world from utter destruction. Ebony’s not ready to be a hero. But for the love of her family and spirits everywhere, she’s surely going to try.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for MOTLEY EDUCATION: THE URD SAGA BOOK I. Join in the fun…


The initial party is in The Boneyard, of course. But the spirit world is more vast than a reaper’s appetite to gorge on souls, so cemeteries everywhere are in attendance. There are gypsy ghosts dancing to their inaudible music, and even a few draugrs and weeping wailers swaying to the chatter of the crowd. Ghouls and goblins are here, but I’ve advised them to keep their distance. No slime allowed at my party.


The Monster Mash Soundtrack and Time Warp, plus the background thud from a crypt door tapping to the music.

Motley Education SWAGPARTY FOOD…

*Clears throat* Seeing how ghosts need not worry about proper nutrition, we will devour all things sugar! Such as Franken Kit-Kats, Ghost Pops, Gooey Monster Eye Cookies, and Ghost Pretzels (Click here for the recipe.)


We’re playing Switch that Soul, a card game. Kind of dangerous, but as long as no one pulls out a hex we’re good. Later, I have Dunk the Dead scheduled. It’s kind of a mix between flashlight tag and dodge ball, except when you’re hit, you get ‘dunked’ for thirty seconds like the accused witches of Salem. (Spoof water, I assure you.)


I really appreciate everyone coming to celebrate with me, so what better way to show that then to give away the book swag I love so much as party favors! You can find most of them in the image I’ve provided for my giveaway; I’m also including these spooky pencils and skull tattoos.

MOTLEY EDUCATION: THE URD SAGA BOOK I is written by S.A. Larsen and published by Ellysian Press. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

S.A. Larsen

S.A. Larsen

S.A. Larsen is an award-winning author, childhood apraxia of speech advocate, and major ice hockey fan, who has watched more hockey games than she could ever count. Her favorite stories open secret passageways and hidden worlds to inspire and challenge the heart. She’s also the author of the young adult fantasy romance Marked Beauty (Ellysian Press 2017). She lives in the land of lobsters and snowy winters with her husband and four children, where she’s writing Ebony and Fleishman’s next adventure. Visit her at, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  1. S.A. Larsen says:

    Thank you so much for giving Ebony and Fleishman a Book Birthday Bash! They are thrilled and can’t wait to take readers on their adventure with them. But if they eat too much candy that might have to wait. 🙂

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