Book Birthday Bash: Her Own Two Feet: A Rwandan Girl’s Brave Fight To Walk

Book Birthday Bash


Her Own Two Feet by Meredith Davis and Rebeka UwitonzeHappy Book Birthday to HER OWN TWO FEET: A RWANDAN GIRL’S BRAVE FIGHT TO WALK!

This middle-grade book is based on the true story of Rebeka Uwitonze, who came to America for surgery at age nine and lived with her co-author, Meredith Davis and her family. After thirty-one casts and fifty-eight hospital visits, she returned to her family in Rwanda walking on her own two feet, a different girl inside and out.

We’re so happy you’re at our party for HER OWN TWO FEET: A RWANDAN GIRL’S BRAVE FIGHT TO WALK. Join in the fun…


Lake Austin, because Rebeka loves it and it would mean she gets to come back to Austin, Texas, for a visit!


Dancing music, because even when Rebeka was wearing casts on both legs, she found a way to get her groove on.


Fanta, chips and guacamole, favorites in Texas and Rwanda!


Uno and Memory, the two games Rebeka wins again and agai.


Tiny peace baskets from Rwanda, similar to the larger, traditional ones that have been used for centuries. Inside each one, a small bag of Skittles, Rebeka’s favorite candy.

HER OWN TWO FEET: A RWANDAN GIRL’S BRAVE FIGHT TO WALK is written by Meredith Davis and published by Scholastic. You can buy this book at the retailers below…

Meredith Davis

Meredith Davis

Meredith Davis writes, reads, and loves books for children. The nonfiction middle grade HER OWN TWO FEET: A RWANDAN GIRL’S BRAVE FIGHT TO WALK is her debut book. She worked at an independent children’s bookstore, started the Austin chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), and earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has been to Rwanda eight times, is married with three children, and lives with a home full of books in Austin, Texas. You can find her at:,,,

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